Friday and Saturday parties are sold out! Sunday night – tickets for Diego Oliveira available at the door!

We have recently found out that the dancing area at the party location will be smaller than expected due to delayed repair work. Over the past several months the landlords have assured us several times that all works would be finished on time, which is unfortunately not the case. Despite our disappointment we are determined to make a great festival!
The holders of Full Passes and Party Passes are guaranteed to enjoy the party. However, we cannot sell any more tickets for Friday and Saturday nights for security reasons! 
Since we expect lower attendance on Sunday we will sell tickets at the door (for the concert of Diego Oliveira). The pre-parties on Wednesday (with Forró na Hora Band) and Thursday (with DJ Atila) are open for everybody as well.
We are sorry for the inconvenience. We would love to welcome you next year.
PS: For those who have booked their transportation and / or accommodation already:
Please get in touch with and send your booking confirmations to us. We will try to find a solution for you.

Motivation for dance & live recordings

In this episode we will analyze the conclusions of the questionnaire “Motivation to dance Forró” and present some live recordings from Italia Roots, Weggis and Freiburg. You will have the chance to listen to Fabiano Santana, Everton Coroné, Trio Xamego and Mariana Mello. In the second hour we played the full concert of Nando Nogueira which is unfortunately not available online.