Motivation for dance

Why do you dance Forró? A simple question we would like to research. Please share your Forró-Motivations with us and share this post with as many Forrózeir@s as possible to get a big data-base. I will share the results in the end of the month with you and discuss them in the next episode of Forrózin no ar:


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Italia Roots

Tonight we are going ot have a special edition of Forrózin no ar. We are talking at Italia Roots 2017 to Daniel Marinho, Yse Góes, Cacai Nunes, Rovena Moura, Marcus Detetive Waldemar, Waf DE and listen to new compositions of Fabiano Santana, Chiquinho Alves, Everton Coroné Romão.  Thanks a lot to Francesca Maiolino for organizing this amazing event!