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Vom Brunnen ins E-Werk

In der kalten Jahreszeit können wir nicht weiter im Brunnen tanzen. Deshalb haben wir uns ein Winterquartier gesucht.

Vom 10.10. bis Ende des Jahres tanzen wir Mittwochs zwischen 20 und 0 Uhr im E-Werk Tanzstudio wo auch die Dienstags Kurse stattfinden. Leider können wir dieses Jahr nicht ins Artik, weil das Auditorium von der Jazz & Rockschule belegt ist.

In der Regel gibt es also Mittwochs im E-Werk 4 Stunden DJ Musik. Gelegentlich werden wir auch Live Musik oder einen besonderen Workshop anbieten. Das wird dann rechtzeitig auf unserer Website sowie dem Telegram Kanal angekündigt.

Freiburg Forró Marathon January 2019

We are going to inaugurate the New Year with a lovely Forró Marathon right at the end of our Christmas holidays. You know – these two weeks where you go home to your family (that is where you normally won t dance Forró).

We are going to have a party on Friday and Saturday as well as Workshops on Saturday and Sunday. This time we are going to have more space then on our Marathon in September but nonetheless we recommend you to get you ticket fast. By now you just have to mark this date in your calendar because advance sale is going to open just at the 1st of November at 20 h (CEST).

Freiburg Forró Marathon September 2018


SOLD OUT! No Tickets at the door!

Dear Participants of the Freiburg Forró Marathon September 2018,

prepare yourself to the next weekend and read these additional information, please!

Our facebook page “Forrozin Freiburg” is blocked. But you can find all information here on our website.

Remember that the marathon is going to be in a tango location that has a special and expensive dance floor. Street shoes are not allowed! Bring clean shoes or dance with havaianas or barefoot.

Be quite at the entrance of the location, especially when you arrive or leave. Respect the neighbors!

We will open a small and simple bar for you. We have beer, water, lemonade, but no caipirinhas. It´s too much work ? You are free to bring you own drinks.

Some workshops are called “advanced”. This means that they are more difficult. If they are too hard for you, you don´t have to force yourself to do them. Be gentle to yourself and to the other participants. Otherwise everybody will suffer ?

Stay tuned here or via “Marathon”