Motivation for dance & live recordings

In this episode we will analyze the conclusions of the questionnaire “Motivation to dance Forró” and present some live recordings from Italia Roots, Weggis and Freiburg. You will have the chance to listen to Fabiano Santana, Everton Coroné, Trio Xamego and Mariana Mello. In the second hour we played the full concert of Nando Nogueira which is unfortunately not available online.

Italia Roots

Tonight we are going ot have a special edition of Forrózin no ar. We are talking at Italia Roots 2017 to Daniel Marinho, Yse Góes, Cacai Nunes, Rovena Moura, Marcus Detetive Waldemar, Waf DE and listen to new compositions of Fabiano Santana, Chiquinho Alves, Everton Coroné Romão.  Thanks a lot to Francesca Maiolino for organizing this amazing event!

Forró in the USA and Luizinho Calixto

In this episode of our Podcast we have two parts.

First we talk to Aline Venturin from Boston, USA about her trip to the Forró London Festival in March. Her group wants to organize the first dance festival dedicated to Forró in the US and went to London in search of inspiration.

In the second part of the program we are connected to Luizinho Calixto a musician specialized on the 8-Bass-Accordion. He introduces the instrument to us and plays some songs for us.