Inspired by the Forró movement – Trio Alvorada

In our first program recorded with two studios we have Eder Fernandes – vocalist and triangle player of Trio Alvorada – in our Berlin Studio provided by Vitor Reis. We talk about their current World-Tour and the history of Trio Alvorada.

Marilia Cervi interviewed by Rafael Baere

When Forrozin no ar announced that we are not  going to produce regular content any more there was one voice who actually encouraged the project to carry on. Rafael Baere expressed his concerns about the program being stopped. He did not just encouraged us to continue but even sent us an interview he conducted with Marilia Cervi about teaching Forró in Europe.

Participatory meeting on Forró pedagogy

The last years have seen Forró groups popping up in every corner of Europe. People from all over the place want to learn Forró and be part of the community. A crucial role in this process falls to the teachers who are mostly the first contact beginners have with Forró  in Europe. Quite often the teachers are experienced dancers who are pushed to share a little bit of their knowledge and learn how to teach by themselves.

The Encontro pedagógico participativo de forró tries to bring these teachers together and create a space for exchange where experiences can be shared, questions discussed and new approaches developed. Today we are talking to Sarah Colligns, one of two creators of this concept about the two meetings which happened in August 2017 an March 2018.