[Talk] Help Forró Bands to organize their tour in Europe

In this episode we have Julia Samel from London as our guest because she started an interesting discussion in Facebook. As she explains in her post bands from Brazil often ask her: “Can you help me organise my tour of Europe?”.

She would really love to help these bands getting in touch with other organizers but faces some difficulties which we discuss in the show.

In the end we talk about the new website of her project Forró Family and a questionaire about “relationships in Forró” she posted recently. Tune in!

Debate: Communication tools for Forrózeir@s

In our last episode we figured out that there is a lack of communication in our Forró community. This is why we were looking at some tools who are made to facilitate this communication. Our guests in this program are the following:

Debate: 50 Forró Festivals in Europe

In 2017 we will have almost each weekend a Forró Festival. This is why we talk to Forro Vem Vem Schweiz and Miriam Ariana (Copenhagen) about the number Festivals 2017. We are probably going to see around 50 Festivals happening next year. What does this mean for Forró-Organizers? What is needed that we are able to avoid stepping on each others feet?