We are closing down our Podcast …

Since 2013 we are bringing Information about Forró to a German/English speaking community though Radio / Podcast. Four Forrózeiros from Freiburg founded the Project in 2014 but little by little the participants moved away and got involved in other projects.

Since 2017 Vadinho Agotado was alone and unable to keep up the monthly radio shows.
The objective always was to bring information and debates to a non-Portuguese speaking community. This is close to impossible if only one person maintains the Podcast.

In order to have a lively debate or making an interview you need at least two persons with English and Portuguese knowledge to make consecutive translations of interviews and present the information in an adequate way.

So if you feel like you always wanted to do Podcasting and you are passionate about Forró and you speak both English and Portuguese well enough to translate and host a show in English PLEASE comment bellow or write an email to “radio [at] forroz.in”

One thought on “We are closing down our Podcast …

  1. To have such a program to non english speakers is a privilege we should not underestimate. It is a hard work that should be supported and really valued. I hope more people appear and show their intention to help. Abraço Forrozeiro

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