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Freiburg Forró Marathon September 2018

SOLD OUT!No Tickets at the door!

Dear Participants of the Freiburg Forró Marathon September 2018,

prepare yourself to the next weekend and read these additional information, please!

Our facebook page “Forrozin Freiburg” is blocked. But you can find all information here on our website.

Remember that the marathon is going to be in a tango location that has a special and expensive dance floor. Street shoes are not allowed! Bring clean shoes or dance with havaianas or barefoot.

Be quite at the entrance of the location, especially when you arrive or leave. Respect the neighbors!

We will open a small and simple bar for you. We have beer, water, lemonade, but no caipirinhas. It´s too much work 😉 You are free to bring you own drinks.

Some workshops are called “advanced”. This means that they are more difficult. If they are too hard for you, you don´t have to force yourself to do them. Be gentle to yourself and to the other participants. Otherwise everybody will suffer 😉

Stay tuned here or via “Marathon”


Last Informations for our Forró Festival Freiburg 2017!

We are very happy to welcome you on board to our Forró Festival Freiburg 2017!

Our destination: happiness : )

The last weeks, during our free time, we have worked hard to make the Forró Festival Freiburg 2017 possible for you. Now it is your turn. Here are some last informations for you to help us!

If you sold your ticket to another person, please give these last informations via mail, whatsapp or messenger to this person!


Please bring dance shoes, havaianas or house shoes with you! At the workshop and day concert location as well as in the Welcome Forró location outdoor shoes are not allowed.

Buffet and Brunch:

As always we offer our well-known buffet Saturday afternoon and brunch Sunday morning. Everybody is invited to bring something to eat. Then there will be enough for everybody! 🙂

For our buffet bring salty or sweet things like salad, pizza, bread, quiche, cake, fruits, or whatever you like. For our brunch we count on you for: honey, jam, cheese, fruits, vegetables, cake or whatever you want to contribue to the brunch. Basics like bread, butter, several handmade spreads and coffee we will provided for you 🙂

Please leave the food before the first workshop on a provided table in the entrance hall.

Sleeping Place:

If you booked a sleeping place (it is at the workshop place) please note the following check-in times:

Friday 18:00 to 21:00. The sleeping place will be closed from 21:00 to 01:00 (then only exit is possible). After 01:00 it will open again to check-in and for the party returnees.

Saturday the sleeping place will be closed at the same times.

Sunday at 17:30 check-out ends.

Take care that your stuff is out of the room at that time to make the cleaning work possible for us. Please note that we can not take any responsibility for your stuff at the sleeping place. Do not leave valueable stuff in the dorm!

We are almost sold out:

Some tickets are left for the parties on thursday and sunday. Friday and saturday parties are sold out! The reason: we have recently found out that the dancing area at the party location will be smaller than expected due to delayed repair work. We had to limit the tickets for security reasons.

Nevertheless we are looking forward to welcome over 330 people – And to welcome YOU!

Friday and Saturday parties are sold out! Sunday night – tickets for Diego Oliveira available at the door!

We have recently found out that the dancing area at the party location will be smaller than expected due to delayed repair work. Over the past several months the landlords have assured us several times that all works would be finished on time, which is unfortunately not the case. Despite our disappointment we are determined to make a great festival!
The holders of Full Passes and Party Passes are guaranteed to enjoy the party. However, we cannot sell any more tickets for Friday and Saturday nights for security reasons! 
Since we expect lower attendance on Sunday we will sell tickets at the door (for the concert of Diego Oliveira). The pre-parties on Wednesday (with Forró na Hora Band) and Thursday (with DJ Atila) are open for everybody as well.
We are sorry for the inconvenience. We would love to welcome you next year.
PS: For those who have booked their transportation and / or accommodation already:
Please get in touch with and send your booking confirmations to us. We will try to find a solution for you.