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Important Festival Information

We are very happy to celebrate the Freiburg Forró Festival 2022 again after three years! Below you can find important information for the festival:

  • The schedule with workshop topics and the party program is ready! Take a look at the event page.
  • Unfortunately, Bruna and Valmir’s flight back from Rootstock was canceled, so they won’t make it to the Forrozin Festival. But no worries–instead we’re bringing back Berlin duo Lina and Tau! 
  • At the dance venue are neighbors. Be quite outside the venue!!!
  • Only dance shoes (or shoes used exclusively for dancing) are allowed, since the floor is specially made for dancing.
  • In addition to beer and bottled soft drinks, we will also sell coffee and alcoholic drinks. Please bring your own cup to avoid waste.
  • We will also sell pão de queijo and other delicious Brazilian snacks!
  • Drinking is not allowed on the dance floor. Please use the bar area.
  • Make sure you arrive at least 5 minutes before each workshop begins to avoid distracting the class or teacher.
  • Cash only, no cards. 

Thanks for your cooperation. 

If you prefer not to appear in photos or videos by Forrozin Freiburg, please email us! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. 

We are looking forward to sharing the weekend with you all!