Workshops with Felipe & Ana

Dear Forrozeir@s,

we are happy to kick off the new season of classes in E-Werk with a Special Workshop! On September 4th we will have an opportunity to learn from two highly professional teachers Felipe Raso and Ana Flávia from Brazil, who have kindly agreed to come to Freiburg as part of their Europe Tour. The teachers represent dance school Pé Descalço. Their forró is infused with sophisticated figures, shared musicality and individual styling. As teachers, Felipe and Ana are very knowledgeable, attentive to detail and very charismatic! Confirmed by many, it’s enormous fun to be in their classes, too!

They will give two classes, primarily aiming at the intermediate level, however advanced dancers, as well as less experienced learners, are welcome to join us, too!

Telegram-Channel mit 100 Mitgliedern

On the 22nd of December 2017 we created the Telegram channel“Forrozin” ( where we publish information about Forró events in Freiburg. Alongside we have created a Telegram Chat for discussion about Forró as well as spontaneous dance-events.

Today our channel has reached 100 Members! If you want to keep informed join the Channel now!

If you do not have Telegram installed yet you can get it here.

Other ways of contacting us are described here.

Freiburg Forró Marathon September 2018

SOLD OUT!No Tickets at the door!

Dear Participants of the Freiburg Forró Marathon September 2018,

prepare yourself to the next weekend and read these additional information, please!

Our facebook page “Forrozin Freiburg” is blocked. But you can find all information here on our website.

Remember that the marathon is going to be in a tango location that has a special and expensive dance floor. Street shoes are not allowed! Bring clean shoes or dance with havaianas or barefoot.

Be quite at the entrance of the location, especially when you arrive or leave. Respect the neighbors!

We will open a small and simple bar for you. We have beer, water, lemonade, but no caipirinhas. It´s too much work 😉 You are free to bring you own drinks.

Some workshops are called “advanced”. This means that they are more difficult. If they are too hard for you, you don´t have to force yourself to do them. Be gentle to yourself and to the other participants. Otherwise everybody will suffer 😉

Stay tuned here or via “Marathon”