Forró beim Hochschulsport Freiburg

Liebe Freiburger Studierende und Mitarbeitende an Uni und Hochschulen, 

Mit viel Vorfreude und neuen Ideen wollen wir mit Euch in die neue und mittlerweile 5. Forró Saison beim Unisport starten. Im Wintersemester gibt es wieder zwei Kurse mit Niko und Anna. 

Um 18.30 startet der Kurs für fortgeschrittene Forrótänzerinnen und -tänzer, die im besten Fall auch schon mal eine Kursreihe beim AHS besucht haben. 
Um 20.00 startet der Kurs für neue Forrozeiras und Forrozeiros und diejenigen, die ihren Tanz nochmals von den Basics des Forró aus entwickeln wollen. 

Der erste Kurs findet am 15.10.2018 statt.

Anmeldungsstart ist am 01.10.2018 um 7.00 Uhr.

Bei inhaltlichen Fragen meldet euch gerne direkt bei Niko Dettling oder Anna Khan. Für die Teilnahme ist eine Anmeldung über den AHS notwendig. Daher ist der Hochschulsport auch der richtige Ansprechpartner für Fragen zu den Anmeldemodalitäten.

Unter folgendem Link kommt Ihr direkt zur AHS Seite mit weiterer Info:

Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiche neue und bekannte Gesichter!

Freiburg Forró Marathon September 2018


SOLD OUT! No Tickets at the door!

Dear Participants of the Freiburg Forró Marathon September 2018,

prepare yourself to the next weekend and read these additional information, please!

Our facebook page “Forrozin Freiburg” is blocked. But you can find all information here on our website.

Remember that the marathon is going to be in a tango location that has a special and expensive dance floor. Street shoes are not allowed! Bring clean shoes or dance with havaianas or barefoot.

Be quite at the entrance of the location, especially when you arrive or leave. Respect the neighbors!

We will open a small and simple bar for you. We have beer, water, lemonade, but no caipirinhas. It´s too much work ? You are free to bring you own drinks.

Some workshops are called “advanced”. This means that they are more difficult. If they are too hard for you, you don´t have to force yourself to do them. Be gentle to yourself and to the other participants. Otherwise everybody will suffer ?

Stay tuned here or via “Marathon”

Freiburg Forró Festival 2018

Buy your ticket here.

Dear Forrozeir@s,

we are doing it again! Workshops and parties! Teachers of various Forró styles, daytime and nighttime concerts and DJ-sets, great artists, some old friends, some new friends – these all await you in Freiburg later this year! In the meantime, we – the members of Forrózin Freiburg – are doing our best to create a hearty and familiar atmosphere at the festival for you!

So that everyone could participate, you are free to choose the prices for your tickets, depending on what you are able to contribute:

Full Passes: 105€-125€

Party Passes: 55€-75€

Little detail about Friday night: the official party finishes at 1 a.m. For those who can’t stop dancing, we offer an after-party with limited tickets which can be purchased for 5€ as add-ons at the online registration. As organisers, we try to provide the quality which our festival represents, so because of the limited offer and high lease prices in Freiburg, we decided to book a location that closes its doors earlier but where we can enjoy a good sound and best dance conditions possible. So why not try a new format?! Thank you for understanding!

There will be a few sleeping places in classrooms available for two nights (Friday to Sunday) for those who cannot find accommodation. Alternatively, you might want to take a look at the Couchsurfing Group in Facebook.


 * If you click on the event in the calendar you will see a more detailed description as well as the address of the venue.

Stay tuned for more information…