Last Information for the Marathon

No tickets at the door! Get the last party passes!

Street shoes are Forbidden!!! We have a perfect Tango dance floor. This floor has be handled with love and respect. So bring clean shoes with you. Otherwiese you are forced to dance barefoot.

Adavanced classes are interesting for dancers who feel comfortable and relaxed with the common basic steps, rhythms and dance connection. If it class is to hard to for you, be gentle to yourself, the other participants, be aware of your abilities and just watch from the side. All other workshops are interesting for everybody. Additionally: the price of the fullpass is based on the participitation for 2 – 3 workshops, the free dancing and the parties. So deciding either to participate on advanced ore on not advanced workshops, does not mean to loose money

Ticket exchange: You can change the data of your ticket by your own by following the given link by order or payment. If this is to much work for you, just pass your used name and e-mail adress as well as the order number. Please try to avoid to wright us mails about ticket exchange. We have to read, answer and work on these mails in our free time.

We will drinks at the bar. But we cool, if have your own drinks.

Check the program, adress and some last information on the event page