Bate papo com Rafael Baere

This episode is in several way different from our other shows. It is recorded in English and we have our focus not on the musical dimension of Forró. We spend the programme talking to Rafael Baere about his role in the Forró scene and his views of they way festivals are organised, Music is selected for Partys and workshops are given in Europe.

Stay tuned for the whole program – there plenty of new ideas and opinions on the way Forró is happening at the moment in Europe.


2 thoughts on “Bate papo com Rafael Baere

  1. A lot of good and relevant points which many of us agree with…. but very finger pointing and arrogant tone of someone who knows it all which also does not help the forro’ scene in Europe… I still love Forro’!!!!

    1. For me the tone seems more to be of someone who’s used to fight a lot and always keeps fighting for what he loves and believes is right…
      In forró we trust 🙂

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